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BattleHawk wants to be your own personal kamikaze robot

The origin of military UAVs is in remotely guided or self-guiding missiles.  Many modern examples (such as the Israeli Harpy & Harop) are quite large and designed to wait for hours for the opportune moment, but the technology has matured to the point where person carried versions are practical.

UAH unveils drone-like UAVs to aid police with campus safety

College campuses have long been centers of unmanned vehicles development and testing, making the sight of such things less surprising than elsewhere.  Between that and the weekly pulse of inebriated students wandering around at night it’s easy to see why campus police would be interested in trying out something new.

Ex-Lawyer in State Department Criticizes Drone Secrecy

Part of the problem with the secrecy is that most of the laws and court decisions regulating the use of drones are also classified.  It’s hard for citizens to trust when it’s impossible to verify – or to even know what standards drone use is supposed to be tested against.

Ex-Premier Is Set to Regain Power in Pakistan Vote

One of Premier-elect Nawaz Sharif’s main campaign planks was stopping the U.S. drone strikes, which are overwhelmingly hated by the people of Pakistan.  It has also been argued that the drone strikes play into the hands of Taliban propaganda by making it easy to portray the U.S. as a faceless, distant, and uncaring imperial power.

Former Air Force Pilot Has Cautionary Tales About Drones

As drone pilots are never personally at risk and are often thousands of miles away it is easy to forget that they can still suffer psychological damage.  Their very safety – the inequality/”unfairness” of their position versus their targets’ – could even make the stress greater.

Are Surveillance Blimps the New Drones?

In combination with developments such as the Argus Camera, the author’s privacy fears of surveillance blimps are not baseless.  Note also the negative connotations in the title’s use of the word “drone.”

Some surveillance drones, but not all, grounded under N.C. law

With privacy concerns mounting as domestic drones become reality, North Carolina took pre-emptive steps to prevent public outcry.  Depending on how drones are used, this could be seen as either anachronistic or prescient.

Drones In Yemen: Does the U.S. Pay Families When Strikes Kill Innocent Yemenis?

This is yet another piece of information on the use of drones that is classified.  It is known that there are documents on the subject, which implies the answer to be ‘yes’, however.

CIA Refuses to Acknowledge Drone Targeted Killings

The use of drone strikes is public known, extensively documented, and – bizarrely – still classified and officially secret.

New York Times Crossword Clue

In today’s puzzle, 45 Across: “Spying Aircraft”, for which the solution is “drone”.