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LAPD adds drones to arsenal, says they’ll be used sparingly

This is more than merely another “police obtaining drones” article. The drones the LAPD received are being given away because the citizens of Seattle refused to let their police force use them. It remains to be seen whether Los Angelos will also reject their use. It is also noteworthy that the LAPD, avoided the word […]

DOJ calls for drone privacy policy 7 years after FBI’s first drone launched

The greatest public concern over domestic drones is privacy. As UAVs become more common and more widely used, the debate over their use and regulation will only get more intense. This year’s revelations about the NSA has presumably not helped various departments’ arguments for self-regulation, though surveys on the subject of drones remain rare and […]

Will Robots Replace Rent-a-Cops?

This particular application requires using all of robotics’ worst skills: sensor analysis and human interaction. While the idea is closer to reality than in Asimov’s day, it’s still a long way away.

How Drones Will Fight Poachers To Save Endangered Species

Poaching has all the problems inherent in monitoring inaccessible locations added to the unpredictability of when and where a crime will occur. UAVs are a potentially excellent solution.

UAH unveils drone-like UAVs to aid police with campus safety

College campuses have long been centers of unmanned vehicles development and testing, making the sight of such things less surprising than elsewhere. Between that and the weekly pulse of inebriated students wandering around at night it’s easy to see why campus police would be interested in trying out something new.

Some surveillance drones, but not all, grounded under N.C. law

With privacy concerns mounting as domestic drones become reality, North Carolina took pre-emptive steps to prevent public outcry. Depending on how drones are used, this could be seen as either anachronistic or prescient.

“Watchbird” by Robert Sheckley, 1953

An early vision of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, used in-story to prevent murder across the country. The story posits a great success for that original goal, but raises questions about unintended consequences, the wisdom of autonomous decision-making, and perhaps (allegorically) scope creep.