Sramana Majumdar

"Violence, Identity and Self-determination: Narratives of conflict from the Kashmir Valley" 4:15 PM, Monday 18 Nov Room 239, BYC Bryn Mawr College

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Spring 2010 Asch lectures will be in Carpenter Library, Room 21, on Monday afternoons, from 4:15-5:30pm.    Directions

2011-2010 Events

November 10, 2011
Jonathan Hyman
Documentary Photographer

January 30, 2011
Michael Scheuer
Author of Osama bin Laden (Oxford, 2011)
Islamic Radicalization and de-radicalization: A critical evaluation

2009-2010 Events

April 12, 2010
Phil Hopper
New York Institute of Technology
Understanding the Wall: Barriers and Visual Culture in Belfast, Israel and the West Bank

March 29, 2010
Dale Kinney
Bryn Mawr College
Images that divide and unite: an art historian’s view

February 8, 2010
Angus Gillespie
Rutgers University
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as Reflected in Propaganda Images

25 January, 2010
Dov Shinar
Ben Gurion University
War Discourse, Peace Discourse: More of the Same?

7 December, 2009
Metin Turcan
Interior Ministry of Turkey
Stuck Between Extremism and Warlordism: Tribalized Rural Muslim Environment (TRME) in Afghanistan

17 November, 2009 NB – This seminar will be on a TUESDAY
Marc Ross
Bryn Mawr College  NB – Location change: Thomas 224
Cultural Contestation, Visual Culture and Ethnic Conflict in the Contemporary World

5 October, 2009
Tomas Radil, MD, PhD
Czech Academy of Sciences
Humans under extreme conditions in the Nazi-German extermination camp Birkenau

14 September, 2009
Jonathan Hyman
Documentary Photographer
9/11 Murals and Tattoos: Making Memories and Reconstructing Icons through the American Vernacular

2008-2009 Events

13 April, 2009
Lee Smithey
Swarthmore College
Alternative Ulster: Protestants, Identity Expression, and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland

23 March, 2009
Jennifer Lind
Dartmouth College
Apologies and International Reconciliation

24 February, 2009 NB this talk will be on TUESDAY
Chaim Kaufmann
Lehigh University Department of International Relations
Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and Shiastan: Iraq after U.S. Occupation

26 January, 2009
Michael Rock
Bryn Mawr College
Is Ethnic Diversity Bad for Economic Growth?

17 November, 2008
Roger Peterson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Strategic Use of Emotion in Conflict

20 October, 2008
Clark McCauley
Bryn Mawr College
Budapest, George Soros, and the power of ethnic mobilization

22 September, 2008
Ian Lustick
University of Pennsylvania
Can Israel stay in the Middle East?

2007-2008 Events

21 April, 2008
Barak Mendelsohn
Haverford College
Westphalia vs. God: The Longer World War

31 March, 2008
Rafi Nets-Zehngut
Tel Aviv University, Israel;
International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR)
Teachers College, Columbia University
Transformation of the Collective Memory of Intractable Conflicts:
A Theoretical Model and Empirical Findings from Israel

4 March, 2008
Dr. Amar Jesani
Centre for Studies in Ethics and Rights
Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes
Mumbai, India
Health and Rights Violations in the Gujarat Riots of 2002

28 January, 2008
Dr. Yechiel Klar
Department of Psychology
Tel Aviv University
Russell Berrie Visiting Professor Lehigh University
Coming to Terms with Your Ingroup’s Moral Infringements: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as a Case Study

27 November, 2007
Dominic Bryan
Director, the Institute for Irish Studies
Queens University. Belfast
Paramilitaries, Marking Territory, and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland

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