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Drone worth millions crashes into Lake Ontario, military says

The circumstances surrounding this accident are currently unknown. Depending on the details, this could be anything from old-fashioned operator error by the pilot-in-training to a major flaw in the design of the Reaper drone. Whatever the cause, this will not be the last lost drone, as both demand for (and supply of) the technology is […]

Former Air Force Pilot Has Cautionary Tales About Drones

As drone pilots are never personally at risk and are often thousands of miles away it is easy to forget that they can still suffer psychological damage. Their very safety – the inequality/”unfairness” of their position versus their targets’ – could even make the stress greater.

Air Force aims to land more top guns amid pilot shortage

Part of the shortage is from expectation of eventually being replaced by drones – which paradoxically leads to a greater need for pilot-replacements.

PTSD And Drones: Emotional Costs Far Away From The Battlefield

Drones and PTSD