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Some surveillance drones, but not all, grounded under N.C. law

With privacy concerns mounting as domestic drones become reality, North Carolina took pre-emptive steps to prevent public outcry. Depending on how drones are used, this could be seen as either anachronistic or prescient.

CIA Refuses to Acknowledge Drone Targeted Killings

The use of drone strikes is public known, extensively documented, and – bizarrely – still classified and officially secret.

FAA Certifies First 2 Types Of Drones For Civilian Use

While civilians have long had access to remote control aircraft and other hobby-level drones, these tended to be small and operated in unrestricted Class G airspace. This FAA certification opens the door for larger, longer range civilian UAVs capable of surveying and mapping inaccessible areas.

The Ethics of Saving Lives With Autonomous Cars Are Far Murkier Than You Think

A discussion of autonomous cars from the point of view of a philosopher.

Drones a safety and privacy headache

In this article from Australia, safety and privacy concerns figure largely. Private, commercial, and government operators are all noted, though the dangers of “the issue of children flying model drone aircraft” is probably far less than the more capable government and commercial types.

Germans Play for Time in the Debate on Drones

This article comments on the current anti-drone backlash in Germany. It suggests that public opinion fails to differentiate between armed and surveillance drones. The article further suggests that opinion of drones as a whole has suffered from the criticisms of recent U.S. drone policy.

FAA warns shooting at drone could result in prosecution similar to shooting at manned airplane

This is the official response to this article from the Guardian, published and posted on this website three days previously.

Air Force drone crash closes remote Florida highway

Notable in that the drone was a retrofitted F-4 Phantom used for live fire practice, instead of the more typical purpose-built UAVs.

Colorado town ponders bounty for shooting down drones

2010 German Drone Accident Video Revealed

Originally published in German tabloid Bild here.

Posted in English at UAS Vision.

March 2010: one of Germany’s three Israeli-leased Heron drones crashed into another airplane on the ground of an airport in Afghanistan. Accident was clearly operator error, but comes shortly after anger over another until-recently classified accident and related cancellation of the EuroHawk […]