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Preflight Turbulence for Commercial Drones

The article examines the “moral hazard” of drone surveillance: airplane surveillance is expensive, drones significantly decrease that cost-effectiveness barrier.

Self-driving carmakers will have to pry steering wheel from some cold, dead hands

Even if the technical challenges were to be solved overnight, it appears the cultural problems would delay widespread driverless car usage for a very long time.

Drone wars hit the states

This article points to the recent activity on unmanned vehicles related legislation in state governments. Almost all of the activity is focused on privacy fears.

Some surveillance drones, but not all, grounded under N.C. law

With privacy concerns mounting as domestic drones become reality, North Carolina took pre-emptive steps to prevent public outcry. Depending on how drones are used, this could be seen as either anachronistic or prescient.

Drones a safety and privacy headache

In this article from Australia, safety and privacy concerns figure largely. Private, commercial, and government operators are all noted, though the dangers of “the issue of children flying model drone aircraft” is probably far less than the more capable government and commercial types.

Germans Play for Time in the Debate on Drones

This article comments on the current anti-drone backlash in Germany. It suggests that public opinion fails to differentiate between armed and surveillance drones. The article further suggests that opinion of drones as a whole has suffered from the criticisms of recent U.S. drone policy.

Colorado town ponders bounty for shooting down drones