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Drone rock: Robotics company creates a flying, musical band

What this performance lacks in artistic merit or musical complexity, it makes up for in the technical achievement of delicately coordinating all the flying machines. A sign of the technology’s maturity may well be performances in which the art is more important than the programming.

Drones in Culture: Dilbert

This cartoon neatly combines fears on safety and corporate spying with a reference to an earlier era’s air technology fad.

Yemen’s New Ways of Protesting Drone Strikes: Graffiti and Poetry

Drones have become a major issue in Yemen, as their artistic pursuits are reflecting. Based on the article’s main image, the predator drone is becoming strongly symbolic in the region.

Drones in Culture: Blondie

The Blondie Comic strip for 24 Nov. 2013 has a hapless employee under constant monitoring by a miniature Predator drone. While the Predator design is clearly artistic license, this strip taps into a common worry about surveillance, lack of privacy, and the damping of free speech.

Drones in Culture: Colbert Report (13 Nov. 2013)

With his trademark sarcasm, Colbert covers drones. The Amnesty International/Human Rights Watch report on possible war crimes is touched on, followed by an investigation into Deer Trail, Colorado – the town that considered a ‘drone hunting license.’ Given Colbert’s popularity, both of these issues may be approaching common knowledge.

Drones in Culture: Zits

Drones in Culture: Marmaduke

A surprisingly neutral and apolitical appearance.

Unmanned Vehicles in Fiction: “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

In the pilot episode of Marvel’s new TV show, the protagonists use a fleet of mini-quadrotors to inspect and map a crime scene. While the miniaturization and capabilities shown are beyond current technology, the idea of using unmanned vehicles to map crime or disaster scenes is not.

Elysium (2013)

In Blomkamp’s Science Fiction parable of economic inequality, unmanned vehicles of all kinds are used to control, police, and oppress the protagonist and others. The most common use of unmanned vehicles in fiction has been – like this film – as tools of the antagonists and obstacles.

Drones in Games: Eve Online

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online game set in the far future. Players pilot space-ships and interact in a universe where almost all aspects of the economy and government are dependent on players, up to and including ponzi schemes and assassinations. Players can also control their own fleet of drones, which can be used […]