Sramana Majumdar

"Violence, Identity and Self-determination: Narratives of conflict from the Kashmir Valley" 4:15 PM, Monday 18 Nov Room 239, BYC Bryn Mawr College

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The Drones of the Future Won’t Kill, They’ll Take Selfies

Constantly recording personal drones maybe be more privacy invading than innocuous to some. Nevertheless, they are probably more acceptable to the public than the military and government drones. The Paparazzi drone in particular is interesting as it abandons the common (and perhaps somewhat menacing) quadrotor for a highly stylized design looks like a cartoon helicopter.

Remote-Controlled Model Helicopter Fatally Strikes Its Operator

Accidental deaths of this sort are a certainty as UAVs become more popular. Previous accidents such as the German drone near-collision with an passenger liner in Afghanistan are avoidable with improved integration and air traffic control methods – unfortunate accidents of this sort are far less avoidable.

2013 International Aerial Robotics Competition tests student-built espionage robots

As the article says, “Some of the most advanced work in autonomous aerial robotics is not done by DARPA, or by massive corporations.” The growing collection of intercollegiate competitions produce ideas, future unmanned systems engineers, and good publicity for the industry.

Review: Lego Mindstorms EV3 means giant robots, powerful computers

A review for the upcoming third generation of the Lego Mindstorms product line. Unmanned and immensely flexible, these systems have been used in educational programs and competitions for years.