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2013 International Aerial Robotics Competition tests student-built espionage robots

As the article says, “Some of the most advanced work in autonomous aerial robotics is not done by DARPA, or by massive corporations.” The growing collection of intercollegiate competitions produce ideas, future unmanned systems engineers, and good publicity for the industry.

India: Army ‘mistook planets for spy drones’

A tense border and a paranoid view of Chinese military developments conspired to produce this absurdity.

DARPA Hydra, here comes the mothership designed to deploy drones

The goal of the project is an unmanned submarine capable of deploying smaller unmanned underwater and/or aerial vehicles. Unlike the Air Force, the Navy appears less culturally against unmanned vehicle, having tested long range autonomous vehicles for years, quietly implementing them for mapping and surveillance. This perhaps comes from decades of autonomous torpedo development. Deployable […]

Age of drones: Israeli Air Force now flying more unmanned than manned sorties

While Israel may be the first to reach this level of drone saturation, it is unlikely to be the last.

New Drone Base in Niger Builds U.S. Presence in Africa