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NASA’S Mars Curiosity Debuts Autonomous Navigation

Fully autonomous control for the Mars rover has always been desirable – current distance to Mars is 19 light minutes, one way. However, with $2.5 billion on the line, the slow but safe remote control mode has generally been preferable.

Mars Curiosity Milestone: Top 5 First-Year Discoveries

Earth’s most famous and popular unmanned vehicle – the Mars rover Curiosity – has completed one full year of geological and atmospheric surveying. The article summarizes the major headlines of the last year and what the rover will be looking at next.

Testing the Future: Astronaut in Space Remote-Controls Robot in California

A new series of tests on how best to remotely operate unmanned vehicles in outer space. While light-speed will still limit the practical range of such techniques, it’s certainly useful for orbital to lunar operations.

Mars Rover Finds Good News for Past Life, Bad News for Current Life on Mars

The Curiosity rover is a remote controlled vehicle with autonomous modes and collision avoidance (both necessary due to the 4-24 minute lightspeed delay between here and Mars).