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AgriRover brings Mars rover technology to the farm

This prototype is designed for constant, high-resolution surveying and adjustment of soil properties – a farmer’s Roomba. This design came from a team in New Zealand, providing another indication of the increasingly international character to the unmanned vehicles industry.

Rise of the drone hobbyists

The drone industry owes much to the hobbyists and universities who developed much of the technology. Going forward, the industry will owe even more to the hobbyists for creating acceptance and familiarity amongst the wider public. The article mentions the recent story of a man who died in an accident involving his drone helicopter. The […]

Drone attacks frighten geese away from Petrie Island

While one might argue that a dog would be simpler and just as effective, it’s possible the very oddity of a quadrotor UAV disturbs the geese. However, we once again see the impossibility of predicting all possible applications for unmanned vehicles.

Robotic pruning

Pruning, fruit picking, and tree management are time consuming tasks heavily dependent on human pattern detection and visual processing. Even though computer systems are notoriously bad at those skills, it has not stopped scientists and engineers from trying to produce a fully automated pruning system.

Driverless tractors till German high-tech farm

Germany’s manufacturing industry – already known for high-tech heavy machinery – is well placed to supply this transition to automated agriculture.

Engineers designing robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes