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Moshe Maoz and Ifat Maoz essays on the Arab-Israeli conflict

Israel's "separation wall" in the West Bank.  Photo by Marc Ross.

Israel's "separation wall" in the West Bank. Photo by Marc Ross.

Asch affiliate Moshe Ma’oz, and his daughter, Asch visiting scholar Ifat Ma’oz, both have articles in this week’s edition of Common Ground News Service – Middle East.  Click the links below to read the entire articles.

Solving the Palestinian refugee problem: Is the ball in Israel’s court?
by Moshe Ma’oz
Professor Moshe Ma’oz examines the issue of the right of return for the Palestinian refugees and argues that agreement on the refugee issue is much easier to achieve than most people in Israel might think. The issue is key to a permanent solution, but is the Netanyahu government likely to make the necessary concessions?
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 23 July 2009)
The psychological-cognitive barriers to peace
by Ifat Ma’oz
Ifat Ma’oz, an expert in the field of media psychology, discusses the representation of the other in the Israeli-Arab conflict. One of the biggest barriers to reconciliation, she argues, is the cognitive bias which paints the other side as inferior and evil. In this article, Ma’oz explains the phenomenon and its impact on peace negotiations, and offers a way to counteract entrenched negative perceptions.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 23 July 2009)

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