Sramana Majumdar

"Violence, Identity and Self-determination: Narratives of conflict from the Kashmir Valley" 4:15 PM, Monday 18 Nov Room 239, BYC Bryn Mawr College

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Peace & Conflict Studies at Swarthmore

We’re adding a new link to our list: the new website of Swarthmore’s Peace and Conflict Studies program.  The PCS coordinator is Asch affiliate Lee Smithey, who will be speaking at the Asch Seminar on April 6th, 2009.  Here’s the description from their homepage.

At levels from the interpersonal to the global, the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Swarthmore College provides opportunities to study conflict and peacemaking in many forms.

The program’s multidisciplinary curriculum examines the causes, practices, and consequences of violence as well as peaceful or nonviolent methods of conflict management, resolution,and transformation. Students explore many factors shaping human conflict, including the psychological,social, cultural, political, economic, biological, religious, and historical.

The Peace and Conflict Studies Program draws courses from a range of social science and humanities departments at Swarthmore and the other campuses of the Tri-College consortium. Students in any major may add a minor in peace and conflict studies.

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