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"Violence, Identity and Self-determination: Narratives of conflict from the Kashmir Valley" 4:15 PM, Monday 18 Nov Room 239, BYC Bryn Mawr College

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2010 German Drone Accident Video Revealed

Originally published in German tabloid Bild here.

Posted in English at UAS Vision.

March 2010: one of Germany’s three Israeli-leased Heron drones crashed into another airplane on the ground of an airport in Afghanistan.  Accident was clearly operator error, but comes shortly after  anger over another until-recently classified accident and related cancellation of the EuroHawk project owing to safety fears.

“Watchbird” by Robert Sheckley, 1953

An early vision of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, used in-story to prevent murder across the country.  The story posits a great success for that original goal, but raises questions about unintended consequences, the wisdom of autonomous decision-making, and perhaps (allegorically) scope creep.

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