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Germans Play for Time in the Debate on Drones

This article comments on the current anti-drone backlash in Germany.  It suggests that public opinion fails to differentiate between armed and surveillance drones.  The article further suggests that opinion of drones as a whole has suffered from the criticisms of recent U.S. drone policy.

RAF Waddington drones protesters face trial

An interesting facet of this case is that the RAF base did not launch drones – it merely held the facilities that remotely controlled them.  This part of the war can be managed from thousands of miles away.  Distinctions between deployed abroad and at home may well be blurring.

Age of drones: Israeli Air Force now flying more unmanned than manned sorties

While Israel may be the first to reach this level of drone saturation, it is unlikely to be the last.

FAA warns shooting at drone could result in prosecution similar to shooting at manned airplane

This is the official response to this article from the Guardian, published and posted on this website three days previously.

Judge Challenges White House Claims on Authority in Drone Killings

The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki and his son was a controversial action given both were U.S. citizens.  While al-Awlaki was a major figure in al-Qaeda, his son was not.  The Judge in this article is particularly disturbed by apparent attempt to bypass the judicial check on executive power.  This continues the conflict over control and use of drones.

Mars Rover Finds Good News for Past Life, Bad News for Current Life on Mars

The Curiosity rover is a remote controlled vehicle with autonomous modes and collision avoidance (both necessary due to the 4-24 minute lightspeed delay between here and Mars).

Air Force drone crash closes remote Florida highway

Notable in that the drone was a retrofitted F-4 Phantom used for live fire practice, instead of the more typical purpose-built UAVs.

In Yemen, Qaeda Branch’s No. 2 Is Dead, Group Confirms

Saeed al-Shihri died of injuries from a drone strike.

Colorado town ponders bounty for shooting down drones

The Drone That Killed My Grandson